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5/23/14 Truck Bodies in Boston MA

There are various types of truck bodies to accommodate the specific job it is required to assist with. Various truck bodies include those for food catering which provide accurate temperatures such as the ability to keep food at appropriate temperatures which is required for the food industry. There are also stainless steel truck bodies in Boston MA which are easily maintained and attractive. more..

6/23/14 How To Install A New Side Mirror On A Truck

Whether your factory mirror got broken, or you're looking to install extended towing mirrors, this is an easy job that anyone with a socket and ratchet set can complete in their own driveway. Virtually every truck on the road today uses the same style side mirrors, which makes this job even easier. Whether you buy new mirrors, or get some old ones from a junkyard, as long as they have three threaded posts, the chances are they will work well. If you want to be sure, you can look in the owner's manual for your truck to confirm the size of the mirror, and how it is attached. more...

7/23/14 How To Repaint A Rusted Area On Your Truck

Rusted areas on vehicles are often caused by prolonged exposure to the elements and driving on roads that have been treated with salt. Primer and paint protect your vehicle from rust, but can lose their effectiveness if any damage ever occurs to the body of your vehicle. You can eliminate small rust spots and repaint the area where they are present so that your truck looks the way that it originally did. more...

8/23/14 What To Look For When Building A Truck Body For Your Work Truck

Many people who own construction, plumbing, or landscape companies customize their work trucks with truck bodies that will help them work more effectively. They can be flat beds or covered bodies with cabinets or shelves within. When building a work truck body for your own needs, take into consideration a few things before you have one built. more...